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Not Available Banqueta Meditacion

Banqueta Meditacion

$40.000 CLP

Not Available Futon - Colchoneta para masajes
Not Available incienso Indio

incienso Indio

$1.500 CLP

Japa Mala

$12.500 CLP

Out of stock Kimono Zen

Kimono Zen

$45.000 CLP

Out of stock Kolomo Zen

Kolomo Zen

$80.000 CLP

Lunita Meditacion

$20.000 CLP

Manta polar

$12.500 CLP

Not Available Oferta Set zafu & zabuton

Porta Zafu

$18.000 CLP

Not Available Thinsha Campanitas de metal
Not Available Zabuton  100% algodón

Zabuton 100% algodón

$38.000 CLP

Not Available zafu 14 cm mandala

zafu 14 cm mandala

$26.000 CLP

Zafu alto 19 cm.

$24.000 CLP